I had two dogs ....jenny and jody....when jenny died in 1997.....because of work commitments and not wanting to leave jody in the house on her own...me mam said jodie could stop with her and her dog duke... who would be company for her. In 2001 jodie died sadly.
Shortly after jenny died jody was laid on the bed and seemed to be barking in her sleep....waking me up....this was not unusual for her but what was unusual was this time her bark seemed not a typical yelp but seemed to take an almost intelliglible human speech pattern.Whether this was a product of an overactive imagination---looking for things that were not there I might never know...but i fancied at the time jenny was using jodie as a medium to contact me....whatever was transpiring....it was weird.
Every now and then....in recent years I am laid in bed at night...les .I feel a nudging or a weight pressing against my body and legs ....accompanied by an icy tingling at the back of my neck....I put my hands down.. feel for the silky fur .....feel for the teeth......and recognise jody......if the fur is coarse......then jenny is there..These incidents have recurred maybe up to 10 or 15 times in the past 5 years say---when i have been asleep.Scientists put this down to REM sleep... but I am not so sure..REM sleep I believe is a Twilight limbo between wake and sleep accompanied by paralysis....so how come I could touch the dogs and feel their fur and teeth.......MORE IN PART 3
enjoyed that.I am an animal lover, but I do get told I like animals more then people. the truth is I think I do.but have had a few things happen to me when I lost pets,may be I will write about them one day. but would like to hear some of other people storys, in case they think am nuts,
if you are nuts because you beiieve in ghosts or spiritualism......them you are in good company.....some of the greatest physicists of the 19th & 20th century... Clerk -Maxwell,Crook and Edison.....who pioneered branches of physics.......without which tvs .... telephones
 computers.......space exploration......hospital scanners...any modern electronic gadget  ever invented......you name it.....somewhere along the line they will be behind it....
 and  quantum physics is top of the premier league in the lunacy stakes ....so do not ever worry people thinking you and I are nuts.....
 our so called weirdo  encounters are just scratching the surface of the realities to be revealed by scientists as the 21st century unfolds.
 On re,....reading above thread I.realise that I failed to make clear that Clerk--Maxwell,Crook and Edison were spiritual believers as well as physicists..and directed their inventions to detection and communication with the spirit world.
 Again my apologies for not making this clear.