I am going to take a pat on the back, my friend of 15 years had locked herself out of her laptop could not remember her pass word, she went to a local computer guy who quoted her sixty pounds what a rip off.so I said to her do you mind if I have ago we had a hint which didn't help so I asked her if she minded losing all of her files, photos ect she said as long as I can get back in to it I don't mind.
so holding down the P and the V together for a few minutes set the laptop back to new it was so easy, now she has given me her new pass word as well just in case my magic didn't work anymore.
You could have saved all of your friend's files and pictures simply by restarting the laptop and then pressing F2 or F8 (or alternating between the two) to access the BIOS screen, navigate to the master password section and clear it. Then save changes and exit. Tell your friend of 15 years there's no charge for my kind advice. :roll:
I wanted to sort it not sabotage it. you've been watching too much u tube. idiot. :lol: :lol: :lol:
You're the one who destroyed all of your friend's files and photographs. It's a shame you had no idea how to do the job properly without resorting to sabotage ... idiot :lol: :lol: :lol:
Benny Hill comes to mind.
CarrieB wrote: Benny Hill comes to mind.

Yes, I do see a resemblance. Are you also a milkman? :lol:
What a strange exchange! And the moral of this story is - Always make a back up. If not of your entire computer, which we all should but I bet few of us do - then at least copy the stuff you want to keep - photos, etc. onto some form of external memory. (Same goes for photos on your phone.)
What would I have done? I'd have assumed there was some way to recover or bypass the password, and asked around. I think I've heard the BIOS method before. But my computer - Windows 7 - actually allowed me to set a prompt for my password, e.g. "Cat's Name." (Just an example. My password is not my cat's name, it's far more complex than that. I don't even have a cat. Or a Harley. :wink: )
No harley,, tsk,,,, tsk................
blackwidow wrote: No harley,, tsk,,,, tsk................

I created a motorcycling thread just for you, y'know! :?
Thank you,, I read it and I enjoyed the contents !
you were supposed to add to them!!! :roll:
A bit lost here,, sorry.....All I know is flatheads, shovelheads, panheads and suicide clutches. (and a comfy B bar)
blackwidow wrote: A bit lost here,, sorry.....All I know is flatheads, shovelheads, panheads and suicide clutches. (and a comfy B bar)

They're motorcycles!! Motorcycles!!!!! Post about them in the motorcycle thread!! This is why threads have titles - so you know what they're about. This one is about computers! Stop posting about motorcycles in the computer threads!! You're the one who brought the subject up in the first place when you said I look like an old biker. So I give you a thread to chat with old bikers in and you post about them in threads about computers.
mea culpa

All motorbike workshops now invest in a computerised diagnostic tool. The tool clips onto cables in the motorbike engine in order to diagnose potential faults with injectors, ignition coils, etc. Due to the advances in motorbike technology, the tool is essential for adjusting the throttle valve position sensor, calibrating idling adjustments and provides live data such as rpm, battery voltage and throttle angle. Other motorbike systems covered by the diagnostic tool include ignition, injection, immobilizer/alarm, ABS, dashboard, injection regulation and transmission.

Therefore, a discussion of motorbikes is not off-topic on a computer repairs thread. Motorbike refers to any machine over 250cc. Below that it's a moped, and at one time could be ridden on public highways by an owner with a provisional licence. At 16 years of age, I rode a Honda C50, then later a Honda 250T. After passing my test at 17, I began riding motorbikes.