There have been several times recently when the chatroom has been empty and this partly due to a lack of coordination where members enter the room at various times and leave if there is nobody there.
One of our members MrsIppi has suggested that we try to have regular chat times for chatters to meet in the room so that they do not miss others who want to chat.
For a trial, she has agreed to be in the chat on Fridays at 4pm onwards(UK time) which is 11am on most of the east coast of North America and 8am in the west.
This time might not be convenient for some, especially those where it is early morning or late night so please leave your comments here for suggestions for later meeting times in the chat, and indeed for other days too. We also have members in other countries including Australia and New Zealand where our daytime is late at night or early morning for them.
Please bear in mind that if members go in the room on or after this time on a friday, then some will probably stay longer and maybe arrange to meet at other times on other days too.
I think this is worth a try to get members together more and make for a better chat experience, but I am always happy to listen to any other suggestions for improvement.
Sounds like a good idea graham, but as long as the sour people are there, they not going to come in.Right now people are popping in to see who’s there, if the people they don’t want to deal with who are there, they won’t come in. We have lost quit a bit of newbies due to nasty people. My suggestion get a chat monitor who can warn the nasty , sarcastic, rude people to tone it down.Adults we are, but as adults some still act like children. Who wants to listen to negative opions over and over. You should have a silence button. Complaints are still continuous, yet nothing changes.The chat room died due to they lack of control over the sad, lonely ,bitter ,sarcastic ,women who have been here for many years and think they run the chat room.But all they actually do, is run people off. I suggest the rest of you write something here and let graham know how you really feel.
Sounds like a good idea Graham. Perhaps some sensitivity and positivity training as well :)
Well said Polarqueen.
Polar is correct. The chat room has been literally hijacked by anger and bitterness, by a sly and superficial superiority. The conversation degenerates into name calling and rudeness, people just give up and walk away. It's unfortunate as there are a lot of interesting, intelligent people with humour and wit who have much to contribute but will not be a part of this. New people are made to feel unwelcome, and the oldtimers are simply fed up with this attitude and move elsewhere. It is time for a moderator who can control the destructive behaviour and keep a balance of light conversation and serious discussion within the realms of polite and mature discourse.
Thank you all for your feedback and I agree that the chatroom should be a friendly and welcoming place for all members to visit, whether old or new.
While it is not possible to have a 24/7 chat moderator, I do view the chat regularly and encourage members to report any personal insults or offensive behaviour.
All members are treated impartially and reports can be made in confidence in 2 ways. You can report using the "Help & Contact" option under "Service" at the top of your home page or alternatively click on the "Report member" option on the offending members profile and state your reasons.
Offenders receive a warning and risk a ban if it persists.
Thanks again and hope to see many of you in the chatroom later today.
Please Please let me be the moderator!

I am seeking your support as a candidate for this position.

What are my qualifications you ask?

Whadddya talking about I say! How can you ask me something like that! I think you are out of line to even bring up that question! You have such nerve! And besides who are you to pass judgement on my qualifications? I dont think you should say another word!

See... if you read between the lines I am sure you can see that I dont suffer the insufferable at all!

Oh by the way? How much does the job pay? And is it cost-of-living indexed.
oh my, oh my opinion, banning a person will only open the door for him/her to register under another name and continue their icky behavior ?
I totally agree with Applemac and Polar and at times have felt like leaving myself. I have stayed for the few I really care for but when I see the "nonsense" happen I am disturbed. Anyway, these are just a few of my thoughts on this subject.
I think this is a great chatroom Gra ! I always have a blast when I'm here, either for the quiz that you so graciously provide or for when I arrive around 3 p.m. Pacific time. I love to see so many fab women at that hour when they can get here too. Personally, I think there will be always be people who would just love to see chat run their way. I always see newcomers welcomed in the very best way. Thank you Gra for your words.
I think having multiple chatrooms might be a better idea, that way the members can pick and choose what what room they want to be in, versus having someone that can be abrasive from controlling who can and can't chat by their abusive behavior. Just a thought.
We had multiple rooms before technoided but it didn't really work as most members congregated in one! As I said, if anyone is abusive then please report as it is better to resolve a problem than avoid it.
Hello to All of you,
Many thanks for your activity yesterday, presences, support and reflections here, nice to see we are on the same direction and thinking alike - chat with fun. In my opinion chat must be fun, inclusive, offering place for everyone ... without anger, hate or bullying.

I was almost a year away, returned couple of weeks ago and sadly realised nobody or just 1-2 members are on during my active time on chat - evenings from Europe. But I remember the times when the chatroom was a vibrant, supporting, funny place.

Back to the basic idea ... we are here (most of us) to make connections, for good company, for laughter and banter, for jokes and quiz, or simply heal ourselves or the others.

Ps. Make the chat great again :wink:
I think yesterday was a good start, more of you should come forward with your comments, good or bad. As long as there is still under lining hard feelings out there chat can’t grow. You don’t need to name anyone just express yourself. I find it very interesting two abused person as well as the abuser both made comments. Made me wonder if the abuser is aware of their negative approach to conversations.We are still missing a large percentage of our chat users. We need to get them back. So if you got a chip on your shoulder , drop it off in here and come back to chat.Lets get the fun back into chat, let’s laugh and dance and hear good music.
This site did not force me to post a picture to be a part of the chat or anything else I would like to take part in here on this site. There is a person here that has a serious problem with folks not having a picture posted, politics and religion and she gets down right mean about it. This has prompted me to respond with absolutely no respect for her. She is just a mean person and I feel she has probably always been that way and will not end her abusive behavior. I am not asking her for money or for a date or anything else for that matter, but she feels the need to interject her control freak attitude and just be mean, whether it is mean to me or someone else in the room.

I have on many occasions considered becoming a premium member, but as long as she is allowed to treat folks the way she does, there is no reason I should spend my money, just to only show up once a week or only once a month.

This same person treats you really nice when you first show up as a newbie and makes sure she cons you into thinking she is a nice person and someone you might want as a friend. Get you to talk to her and lets you know that what you are already thinking is something someone else is thinking such as herself and then later turns this conversation around and throws out mean comments so that she can be in control of the chatroom, and work on interfering with people meeting people in here as I thought it was when I first found this sight.