Hi Fishy
Could you help. I have an old PC running on windows 7,and it is;
a) really slow
b) sending me "not responding" messages both on PC & on Chrome

I have tried ending unnecessary tasks on the taskbar,running  Malwarebytes anti-malware, removing plugins on chrome,clearing unwanted files,all this works for a short while only for the problems to rear their ugly heads again,especially if the PC is left idle for any period of time.
 I notice the anti-malware gets rid of any but doesn't block new stuff coming in.
Thank you Jaffa

PS: I know you have written posts about these and many different problems,but my eyes will glaze over and I'll start writing up my shopping list or try and decide what to cook for dinner or which colour nail polish I should apply...... mid-reading,so I thought I'd ask for help on just my specific problem :wink:
Thanks in advance

PPS: I won't jump down anyone else's throat who thinks they might have something productive to add, unlike some people lol
even if it is throw the blasted thing out!!! :lol:  
I use a free program called Cloud System Booster to tune up my computer on a regular basis.
Thank you Sally just plonked it in..will see how it goes  :D
good thing my son is still asleep..
I can hear his mantra playing in my head..
notice Fishy I chose the pink nail polish...
Jaffa, I just read this article:http://www.businessinsider.com/why-your-computer-slows-down-2013-8

If you don't want to read it, it basically says your computer will slow down with every update, whether for Windows or for the software you run on it. I have W-7 and there's a glut of Windows updates on mine which is also running more slowly. Your computer's hard drive may be getting old to the point of degradation too.

If your hard drive spins it will eventually wear out. Clear unnecessary files from your browser software and empty your desktop trash bin.

Otherwise, start dreaming of a new computer with a solid state hard drive (which is supposed to last longer). I'll probably wind up getting a new one before the year is out.
You might try running the defrag program. (Which is already on your
computer.) It can't hurt to try it.
Thanks for everyones input so far,tried Sally's suggestion and it is better you can see that it is still trying to jam but  it gets overridden by the cloud thingie,Griffith running a check now to see if it needs defragging & Joce I looked on the control panel and must admit I have no idea what I should and shouldn't keep or get rid off.
just froze again while I was typing this..
just read the defrag window and it does it automatically at 1pm on Wednesdays
have disabled ..Shockwave Flash 17.0 r0 plugin, again net has  speeded up but will see how long it lasts ( it was the thing that kept crashing)
If you download any games or TV shows you may have a backlog of unnecessary files hidden in your AppData folder as well. If you know how to view your hidden files you may want to look there. I clear my AppData roaming folder on a regular basis. If you go into your control panel and look for Folder Options, View, then look down a bit for Hidden Files and Folders and check Show hidden files you can see your AppData folder under your user folder.

Defragging will also help as was mentioned and likke Joceannora says, Windows is a space hog and eventually it will take over (Go, Bill ...) and old age.
Defragging Win 7 is really unimportant as it does it automatically by default (as you've already found out).

If your computer hard drive is making "clicking" noises, then there's you're problem and it's time for a new hard drive. Just make a note that the new solid-state drives are not always as easy as "Plug and Pray" and you may need cable adapters and special software to install them. They are also typically not as large in capacity as what you may have now... or are far more expensive for the same capacity as a regular hard drive. And buying a new computer may mean you get saddled with Windows 8 - which, in many people's opinion, sucks.

The prices of hard drives have come down considerably. And swapping them out is fairly easy - most come with the software you need to transfer all your files and such.

But, I'm not saying you need a new hard drive yet. Make sure you've covered your bases by eliminating all malware/virus'/spyware and more first.

I'm glad you ran Malwarebytes... but it's only one part of the process. I know you don't like to read lengthy articles, but just read them a paragraph at a time. Here's my original Fish-Bytes! post about such things (two parts) and links free software that will help remove any little buggers.

Let me know how you fare... :D


Thanks Fishy, it was hard let me tell you, a couple of times my eyes wondered towards the nail polish, but I was strong :D  
I waited to see if things I  tried would help permanently before coming back to you 
It was better each time I tried something new,I had to re-enable shockwave to be able to watch our local TV though and its playing up again,to be honest ,when I read your comment, if my computer hard drive is making "clicking" noises (the answer was yes) I had come to the conclusion that it is time to get a new PC.
My son has just got home from work and I told him about my discussion on here and before I could finish he agreed with you "it's dead Jim"
So I have left it to him to buy me a new one on Trademe
Thanks everyone for your input I just hope it doesn't totally kick the bucket before my new one comes
Glad I could be of help. Here's two more tips - there is a program called PC Mover that you can purchase that will move all your programs and settings using an ethernet/network cable. Not sure where you can find a copy to purchase in NZ but maybe you can find one that is downloadable from somewhere like Amazon. The cable itself is just a few dollars (US).

If you get stuck with Windows 8, you'll find that your "Start" button is missing. There is a (free) program that you can download and install called "Classic Shell" - it will bring back all that stuff which Win 8 hides from you. You can download it here http://www.classicshell.net/

Let me know if I can be of any more help :)

Just a post note...
Thank you everyone with your help
But finally bit the bullet and got a new "box"
Got home this morning and my son said, want the good news or the bad news ,opted for bad news..It's not set up yet..good news your new PC has arrived
and he's now set it all up, 
Cost $180 not bad heh?