Does anyone make their own bread? Either by hand, or with a machine.
We like nothing better than Sundried tomato bread, freshly cooked in our breadmaker.
I have been making my own bread for about 5 yrs.
It has been one of my favourite foods but alas I am now on a low carb no white food eating plan..most grains are abolished and especially any processed foods containing them.
The only saving grace is that I can still eat the fats I butter and bacon..but they are not as good without the bread.

The diet is my own choice after I gained about 30 lbs when i quit smoking because I was eating too much chocolate, ice cream, bread and compensate for the smokes.

Anyway it has been almost 2 months but today I am actually just proofing a spelt/flaxmeal loaf for my first home made in awhile.
Really I am making it and looking forward to smothering a warm hunk with fresh butter!!
I've lost half my goal weight (15 lbs) and really want some comfort food:>)
This recipe is extremely simple.

There is nothing worse than being deprived of your favourite foods.
But, well done on the weight loss.
I'm afraid that making bread by hand, is too much like hard work. I much prefer to chuck a ready mix and water into my machine, and wait 'til it pings, three hours later.

But Mike..this is truly the lazy man's artisan bread!
no kneading.. mix and set side..scoop and proof..then bake.
yeast, water, flour, salt ..4 simple basic ingredients
thanks on the comment.
I doubt i will be able to give up my favourite food least if making my own i know exactly what is in it.

My daughter keeps saying, I ought to try it. She does, even though she has a permanently damaged shoulder, due to a bad fall. So, the kneading can be agony, for her.
I must admit, in the back of my mind. The idea does appeal to me. Maybe, I will give it a go, one day.
I do realise that I have contradicted myself. But just put it down to laziness.

OK. Out of sheer perseverance. I shall continue with this thread.
I went out, earlier, and bought a 2lb tin, and so am committed to baking my first loaf, by hand. It takes less time, anyway. Even with all the bullying (kneading) and standing.
I'll let you know, how I got on, and might even post a picture.

I have to make all my own bread I'm a Coeliac and a Diabetic type 2.

Lol. So Dave has to go one better, and produce a veritable gallery of home made bread. Well done Dave. They all look extremely tempting.
Have you ever used a machine? Or do you just stick to 'the hard way'?

By Hand.
You have better control that way.

All were made without regular flour.

I used Rice flour, Cornflour/starch, Tapioca Flour/starch.

Then various Flavourings, Fruit and Colourings.

What is the one in the picture, top/left?

And do you prefer Dave or David?

Top Left is a High Fibre Brown Bread (which also contains rice bran, Teff flour and Buckwheat {no relation to wheat actually part of the rhubarb family})

Call me what you like once it's not too early in the morning. :lol:

Your breads look delicious!
I have yet to experiment with other flours but will be doing so soon as long as they are non almond or pecan.

I have a flourless chocolate cake recipe I have yet to try..but have heard it is totally yummy.
I have used flax meal for almost 20 years now..I put it in all my baking including really beefs everything up and gives a nice full density.
Can you tolerate spelt? an ancient wheat with a different protein profile..but I m not sure of the gluten.

I love buckwheat cabbage rolls.
I'm afraid not like Kamut and Tricale it's an ancient form of wheat, dso it's a no no.

I make these fruit and nut cupcakes using ground Almonds/Meal.
Here's a link to the recipe I posted on the Coeliac Society of Ireland Message Board.

The fruit cake sounds yummy but alas is too high in carbs/sugar with the dried fruit for me.
I'm surprised you eat it being diabetic/insulin resistant.

I definitely must get some almond and or pecan flour though and try some of your other breads.
Mmm...sundried tomato bread sounds absolutely divine! Unfortunately, I don't make my own bread. Come to think of it, I don't really cook! =)

Many apologies for the lateness of my response. I just so happened to stumble upon this thread while searching for bread recipes. Y'see, my husband does all the cooking. I guess you can say he's the REAL "breadwinner" -- even though I work. ;)

It seems like everyone's bread here is, for the most part, pretty simple. Do any of you folks have recipes you'd care to share? I completely understand if you don't feel comfortable. Thanks, everyone! :mrgreen:

Oooh! One more question (since we're on the topic of bread): Does anyone know of any good montreal pizza? Thanks! :D