I have to write a Bio.  Someone is going to use some info about me in a talk somewhere.  I have no idea how to do that.  I should have asked her but I was a bit embarrassed that I didn't know how.  Anyone got any tips for me?  I don't want it to be too lengthy.  :D
I assume by bio you mean a biography which is basically a summary of your life so far.
You would need to include date and place of birth, family information, lifetime accomplishments, major events of life, etc.
As these are just basic facts, you would need to add more to make it more interesting.
I hope this helps.
Yes, she just called it a Bio.  I am sure it is the same thing. 
Thank you Graham....This is helpful.   :D
bio is a prefix meaning life as in biology meaning the science of life. I have some plant food called Bio which gives life to plants! :lol:
Or........ could be the smell which emanates from an individual due to lack of personal hygiene. Or may be someone was hinting something