Being alone is not always easy... but some people live well alone. For some people it's different, they need to be love and love, they do not want to be alone. Life is life, and sometimes we do not choose to be without companion. Unfortunately, sometimes love does not knock on the door... Sometimes we are not ready to love, we are very afraid to love again. This fear inside, I know that you know it, isn't it? But one day, this fear will leave...and love will come again. Some of us have been very hurt and only time can heal a heart....
 myself have been alone some time after being hurt very much it can
 be frightening place to go and then comes the other big one trust it
 can be very hard depending on what happened in your past. I Just
  thought that i would put that out there. 
Thanks Catfish... Yes it is very, very hard to trust someone again after being hurt. I do not even know if I can love again one day, and I do not even know if I can trust again. I still believe in love even if I am afraid to love again. One day, I am sure that I will find my special one. Women and men are not all bad, I hope... but some people can hurt another person very badly, and I think they know very well what they do, and it is not fair to do that, A person can destroy another person forever... but we have to trust and love again, we have to laugh again, and we have to be happy again, even if it is hard... Nobody have the right to hurt someone else... but they do...
Hi Chokko,

I know exactly what you mean. Every man who has come into my life be it family or partners have betrayed me and taken something from me :( I really don't know what I have done to deserve to be betrayed, deceived or robbed in this way but I think it is has something to do with karma.
My mantra is : Forgive those people who have hurt you as they know no better, they live their lives at a lower energy level than you, rise above their malevolence.

I am happy living my life with my kids, that's enough reason to celebrate so I don't need any man to complete me. I have a young teenage daughter who needs my support right now so I have reasons enough not to be too alone :D

All the best,

Denise x
I'm in the same boat, i haven't met the right guy yet, i always wonder, how come it's so easy for other women to get a guy to come to them, i think i must be cursed or something, to live my life without my true love or soulmate, most of my friends been with their guys for many years already, sum of my cousin's been on their 3rd or 4th relationships, i used to record vhs tapes from my satelite, i recorded one about love, this one love author said that you don't have to search for the person, they come to you like a moth to a light, one of my friends, that happened to her, a guy just came to her house, than he moved in with her, she came to my house to visit me, i told her about what i recorded, i told her, he must be the right guy for you, she's still with him, but this is like her 3rd relationship, i have 2 grown up kids already, but i never got to have a steady relationships with their dads, must be meant to be a single mom forever
Hi Dreamy.  Many of us are in the same boat.  It is right that for some women it is more easy to meet a guy, but I do not know why...  One day I am sure you will find the right one for you.  Never give up.... :)
Hi Dear60. It is maybe the karma, I do not know...   :roll:   But you do not deserve it...    Do not let someone betraved you or taken something from you.  Do not let someone hurt you, nobody has the right to hurt you...  Kids are so precious.. so it nice to give support to your daughter.  Someday, the right one will come for you...  
aww your so nice also, you will meet the right guy sum day too, i'm mostly in facebook playing games, occupies my time, but i get sick of being there and check out alot of other sites, on mobile & computer
Thank you Dreamy3.  I do not know if I will meet the right guy...  maybe...    :roll:
I used to write to a psychic years ago when i was younger, she told me i'd never be happy living on this island, but i stay because both my kids live here, she also told me to hang a dream catcher over my head where i sleep, and i will dream of my new lover, it came true once, i dreamed i was kissing a guy outside my house on the road at night time, he was wearing a grey hoodie, so i couldn't see his face, but that did come true, it didn't last very long, he end up leaving the island because sum guys wanted to beat him up, this happened years ago. I now recently had a other dream of a guy, and he was dark with black hair, handsome looking, he was sleeping, hope that dream comes true lol :) you shud try hang a dream catcher over your head where you sleep too
A dreamer catcher...  good idea though.  Thank you Dreamy!    :)
I might have to leave this island to get a job, there's aboslutley nothing here for me, even my grankids are sick of me, always babysitting them, so my daughter is making my son look after them now, and now their all ignoring me, like i'm the bad one, they do this when i'm not their cleaning lady anymore
Hi Dreamy.  I am so sorry...  "When a door closes another opens", that's what someone told me... :roll:  Keep courage, better days will come...   By the way, I bought a small dreamer catcher...   :)
When I moved here, I wanted to be alone and I still enjoy it. I am happy that I hve the freedom to choose what I want to do each and every day. I am lucky that I have a couple of good friends who have been there for me when needed.
Trusting another man is a bit difficult but I know that time does heal. Healing also comes from the knowledge that not all people are alike. There are some very good, caring persons out there, men and women.
Keep your mind and heart open. Give out love, love, love to the world. It will come back 10-fold. It is the law of attraction. Give out negative vibes and you will receive negativity from others. Give out positive vibes and you will receive the same. I believe love is always the answer and can't hurt you. Love everything and everyone in your life. Be grateful for everything and everyone in your life and say it with true feeling. You will attract love to you!
It is an interesting thing that I had absolutely no trouble being alone and I mean really alone. Weeks without seeing anyone at all.I could also switch back to being around people when I went back to work. For years I worked seasonal. 6 months on 6 months off. Best days of my life. Then I was in a relationship for twelve years, we didn't have much in common. I guess you could say it was for convenience. I certainly didn't have any trouble going back to being alone. All of my relationships have been for that. Basically it is cheaper for two people to live together. And it works if it is left at that. But someone always wants more. The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence. Interesting thing is money always ended my relationships. She got a better job or inherited money and was gone. Oh we are still friends, we just don't live together. Well all but one, but sometime two people just do not belong together. I didn't say I was never in love. Problem with being in love is it stirs up all kinds of emotions. Jealousy being the worst. When will people get it through their heads that they can't own anyone. Help them, stand by them, love them to pieces, but own them never. No one wants to be treated like a possession or worse like a pet. I had a woman use the same terms of endearment and nick names for me as she did for her dog.I never knew who she was talking to, me or the dog. 
So would I do it again, why not. As I get older I find I like sharing with someone and I find myself falling in love easier. But I want to share, I don't want to own.