Vancouver B.C. has a brand new stadium, appropriately named B.C. Place.
A beautiful state of the art stadium, with seating capacity of 60,000 and a retractable roof.
More than 50,000 fans of Canadian football attended Friday night’s inaugural event under the roof . The retractable portion opened just before kickoff, without a hitch. The fans were awed by the beauty of this facility. Unfortunately some of them started to get a little soggy when it started to rain.
The roof retracts only directly above the arena. The seats are still protected from the rain.
The contractors say the roof isn’t quite finished yet, hence the rain drops. Lets hope this isn’t a sign of future problems, as it turns out the roof has only a one year warranty.

I would have thought that a 563 Million dollar building would have more than a one year warranty.
Unlike most stadiums of this proportion that are predominantly funded by businesses, this one, it seems, is totally funded by the taxpayers of B.C.
What’s even more ironic is: --- Already the union employees are voting to strike.