My heart aches for the migrants willing to risk their lives on The Mediterranean Sea fleeing for safety from ISIS. When I look around at our cozy little towns here in Canada and how we are so spoiled, then I see the news I have to wonder what in the world it is all about.  How can we be so lucky while on the other side of the world people, women and children, dying at Sea to try to escape so they don't get their heads chopped off.....700 people died off the coast of Libya on Sunday. 

"Most of the 170,000 people who illegally reached the European Union’s Mediterranean shores last year came from sub-Saharan Africa, says Frontex, the EU border agency. At least 3,200 perished on the journey between Libya and Italy, according to the International Organization for Migration, making it the deadliest migrant route in the world." ... 1429476507
(The Wall Street Journal)