About 150 souls on board, it was an Airbus built 1990.  A deliberate act by the co-pilot who had previously locked the Captain out of the flight deck. Mentally ill....I guess so! 
Man/woman find a way to do what ever mal intent is on his or her mind. Psychological screening works when the obvious is present, who knows for sure what takes place to alter the mental makeup of anyone? Planes, trains, boats, cars, buses, subways, all potentials for disaster. I think in today's world the best we can hope for is not to be around when someone decides they no longer want to live and selfishly take the rest of us with them.  
Or perhaps it is not really selfish because who knows if their minds even comprehend what they are doing :?: !!  
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You are absolutely right DF.  I remembered posting something about this before but I thought it was on another forum I belong to. Thank you for bringing it to my attention and I will add this to the other thread.
I'll let it go - THIS time! LOLOL!!!

Peace :D
That is very generous of you DF. I will be indebted to you forever.  :lol:
Peace back to you. :D  
Too funny :lol: