I really admire people who suffer from this disorder "Agoraphobia", it is a real challenge for them. It more of a challenge if they have more than one fear, I know someone who has this fear as well as a few other fears, it's a real struggle for them to live in this world of fear, No it not me. I do have Anxiety attack or panic attack, So, I suppose... that the fear I have in some cases "Agoraphobia", which is cause by an illness, not an mental illness, well it is a mental illness so to speak... I have, BUT mine isn't so pronounce as some.

To understand anyone who have fears, ... I guess one has to have some sort of fears to understand other people's fears. (Never judge a person unless you walk a mile in their shoes).

Take one day at a time is the way to live it.

https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-con ... c-20355987

But I can tell you this, people who have this disorder are brave, smart clever, intelligent.

I can remember when I was to start my first day of school, I didn't want to go, wasn't looking forward to it, not like other child/ren who look forward to their first day of school and meeting other children and learning new things. My whole time going to school I was alone, I didn't make any friends in school due to this fear.

I suppose that why I love horses so much, they are great therapy for any kind of fears, they don't judge nor do dogs and cats, they help relieve the fear :)
When I working with disable adults, they will contradict with anyone, they can't accept telling the truth, they feel that they need to protect themselves. It can be a real challenge for anyone.

The only way to get them to understand this is by showing them what the real thing is, the truth.