It may be called Mother's Day or Mothering Sunday but it is the day to remember the person who in most cases shaped the individuals we are today. She may be with us or she may have departed this world but I ask all to reflect on the woman who brought us into this world and give thanks to her.
I think of my mum every day of my life since she left this world almost 42yrs ago.

You are right, though she didn't bring me into this world, she's the woman that shaped me. I was ten years old when I lost her but she's still made me want to be the best that I can be throughout my life.

I love her as much now as I did then. She was truly a special person. ♥️ Love you mum ♥️
You are right Dodger!! Happy Mothers day to all the wonderful mothers on here.

My mum was not only my mother but my guide, my friend and teacher who taught me a lot and I do think of her almost every day. She was an inspiration and the greatest influence in my life. I miss her a lot and I treasure those wonderful memories that I have of her they will always remain close to my heart.

One of the songs that we as kids sang to her was Mother of mine

Mother of mine
You gave to me all of my life
To do as I please
I owe everything I have to you
Mother, sweet mother of mine
Mother of mine when
I was young
You showed me
The right way things
Should be done
Without your love
Where would I be?
Mother, sweet mother of mine

Mother, you gave me
Sweet happiness much more
Than words can say
I pray the Lord that
He may bless you
Every night and every day

Mother of mine
Now I am grown
And I can walk straight
All on my own
I'd like to give you
What you gave to me
Mother, sweet mother of mine
Mother, sweet mother of mine
question did you had in UK mothers day?
in the USA we celebrate mothers day in may and i feel
you should not only on that day think of your mother ,if you grown up
and was raised by your mom ,she deserves recognized year round,
your dad to,but not everybody is that lucky to have loving parents,but those that do
love them always you never now how long you can do that
We celebrate Mother's Day (Mothering Sunday) on the last Sunday in March in the UK.

You're right I had my mum until I was 10yrs old and have thought of her everyday since I lost her but Mother's Day is also special.

We celebrate father's day in the summer. I was luckier with him I guess, I had him until I was 32yrs old.
Sorry to hear about the lost of your Mother at such a young age. I was much older when I lost my mother as she pass on July 19, 1990.

Our Mother's Day in Canada is the second Sunday in May (May 12th).

Mother's Day in Germany is also like in Canada, ohne the 2nd Sunday in May. When my mother died I was 33 years old. I thought it was too early.
We have all experienced this Carmeilla