We got dumped on with seven inches of snow witch made me wish summer get here that much faster.One of every ones favorite is ribs baby back being the most popular but not the best tasting just my opinion.Here is what I make seems to go over well so thought I share on this -30 below wind chill day.

One nice slab of plan old rack of ribs or if your feeding my three boys five slabs.Ok first flip rack over and remove the membrane over the bone its not that bad and makes a big difference in how your ribs come out.Use a fork knife tip to get the edge loose and simply peel back slowly and it should come right off.

McCormick makes a Apple Wood Brown Sugar rub that is pretty good and what I use all the time you can make your own use what you like there your ribs.After membrane is removed I use the palm of my hand and grind the rub in pretty good to cover entire rib both front and back after words wrap in plastic wrap and let sit in frig for at least 12 hrs.Now if you are using a gas grill you may want to rub a little liquid smoke over your ribs then do your rub.

Light off your grill once mt coals are ready I take out my ribs and using the palm of my hand agian I grind in a good amount of dark brown sugar just on the meat side then place ribs over hot coals to get a good sear on them then take them off dont let them burn.

When there cool enough to handle Triple wrap them with heavy duty foil rotate a different direction each time to make sure they are good and sealed.Then Bone side down put on grill and let cook from 45 to 55 min.The triple wrap keeps them from burning as well as locks in the heat to more steam cook your ribs making them super tender but not fall off the bone mushy.

Now after time is up take off the grill and cut open the foil from the top be careful not to spill juice thats left inside Place ribs back on grill bone side down and poor that juice over the top for you BBQ Sauce fans now is the time to smear some on Jack Daniels makes a very good selection place lid on and let cook another 10 min sauce or no sauce this will make a nice Carmel glaze over your ribs.The brown sugar and juice works great but some people have to cover there meat in a sauce again your choice.

Nice thing about this and you are like me buried in snow same steps only no grill use your oven.Ribs rub down with brown sugar place under Broiler once a good glaze has started wrap them in foil let bake for 45 to 55 but make sure to rub down with liquid smoke first before you use your rub.After time is up unwrap juice BBQ sauce Broil and enjoy Ok I have to go shovel now give these a try and hope you enjoy :D
Sorry, had to laugh at this as we got the dump of 2 feet of snow (if not more), I ask someone in Calgary if they got much and they said they got a little bit. I was house bound yesterday as I had an appointment, but had to cancel it until the city remove all this snow. Couldn't even take the dogs for their walk as the little one couldn't even walk in that much snow, the other one well, he could as he just plow through it, yes the snow was deep enough that it was hard for the dogs.

I knew it was coming but was surprise to see how much of it that we got. I been wishing that summer was here for about a week as we were in a cold snap of minus 25 C degrees/ 77 F

If it was a milder temp, we still can BBQ in 2 feet of snow, but when it so fridge like it has been, who want to freeze their fingers. :wink:
I've never cooked/grilled ribs because they are expensive and it takes a lot to fill up the grown men in my family.  Plus, I've been afraid that they won't come out right and I will have then wasted my money.  Your instructions and description of these ribs make me want to try it.  Maybe it won't be that hard after all.  My mouth is watering.
Thanks again for your recipe Popeye! 
Oh Wanda, it is to die for, a nice treat and back ribs are easy to cook, most people boil it first then BBQ if you find it tough as boiling it will make it tender, but try it without boiling. It would be a nice treat for your family?
Give this a try Wanda and NEVER BOIL!!! your cooking out all the flavor of the meat triple wrap the ribs like I said it locks in the heat and cooks the ribs really tender.To save a little money shop for more expensive cuts of meat towards the end of the month you will get a better deal old say goes here out with the old in with the new