The Evil-Misery evident in the blinding sleet did not bode well for our immediate future. The obvious panic visible up and down the street was not only contagious; but also propagated quickly via word of mouth. Porch lights were being extinguished, gates were being closed and locked, and people were evacuating to parts-unknown helter-skelter in order to escape the onslaught.
I knew full-well, the Sense of Purpose in their charge; yet stood my ground… alone. Their Strength and Dedication were not only ominous; but awesome and admirable all at the same time. Only the Blindly Obedient, and those Resolute of Purpose would dare expose themselves to the rigors of today’s weather; but possibly, they had an ulterior motive in their plan for today.
As their ranks drew ever closer, I retreated to whatever brief and temporary shelter the walls of my living room might offer; yet knew that soon, I’d be forced into the confrontation. I sat expectantly in my recliner, breathing deeply, and thinking quickly. There was now, no way out; so I accepted my fate resignedly as I answered the door.
My time had come. They were here, and there they stood… three abreast. Smiling faces with bibles and leaflets in hand. The Jehovah’s Witnesses were here; and “They Came for Me !”.