Signs of Life…”
Waves of heat…
… My sole companions across the scorched umber earth of my orchard this day.
In acknowledgement of the hellish temperature, even their sinuous undulations appear taxed and wearied.

The incessant din within my head…
Product of my near bursting blood vessels,
Resounds in rhythm to the crunch of my footfalls as I tread the cracked and caked canals.

Humanity seems to have elected “The Better Part of
Ensconced itself from the inferno within the luxuriously air conditioned confines of its abode,
thereby enhancing this illusion of desolation.

The solitude of the barren landscape surrounding me only serves to enhance this feeling of loneliness.
As I begin to pour yet another water container onto the parched entities of my Oaks,
The silence is shattered.

Shrill shrieks and screams fill the void in which I stand, dusty and sweating,
As they appear.

My sweaty brow furls as my eyes pierce the heat-waves and distance…
And I see the Cloud of Dust ebullient from their charge… Pell-Mell in my direction.

I hold out my arms in defense, and they’re filled in a Maelstrom of energy and cacophony of noise.

Astonishment and Warmth fill my heart as a smile forms on my dry, chapped lips.

And they’re here… my Grandkids… Noisy, rambunctious, and very welcome…

Signs of Life.