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Pearl's of Wisdom
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"It takes great pain to make great change. No one changes the negative about themselves or the world unless it truly affects them painfully. If you are wanting to have a balanced life, happiness, and the ability to attract what you need, you must learn your lessons first. Enlightenment doesn’t come gift-wrapped with rainbow ribbon in a shiny box. It is found in the depths of your despair."

Negaitivity hosted feeds like a parasite and perpetuates itself dealing with negativity is not as exaggerated as made out to be . Identification, and closing off negativity is the first step . Sitting quietly and exploring oneself one can identify the negativity . Being reserved does not help one has to be realistic and look and explore means of addressing the root cause of negativity resident in people, situations, events or places etc. The solution lies in faith, affirmimg and believing in oneself and one's ability to deal with it . Remind yourself that God is with YOU and believe in it and it will enlighten you on the means, modality, and the roadmap . Please do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed . Take it as a challenge to analyse as a professional and adopt the possible means to address it , without losing your determination and the sight of light at the end of the tunnel when we are confronted with a problem , which most of us are , at some point or the other , the attitude should be to address it as challenge , like we do in a natural disaster or accident or other unforeseen calamity . Faith is a very powerful tool and does miracles for those who have faith believe me . Please affirm to yourself positively and your capability to seek and secure desired outcomes . prayers would do wonders . just relax do not worry ,just do your best and expect the best and it will manifest .


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