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My guestbook entry and move to blog....
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My guestbook entry reads the following,

So, I guess I write a guestbook entry to my own guestbook? Well, if so, someone have to start some time, isn't it?  I invite people to write something nice and positive that will give some insights or understanding about the world we live in at present.  There is a lot going on there, outside a lot of invisible un-comprehensible "things" that makes me uncomfortable. I would like to know, f.i. what you think, how you perceive 'things' around us, close by or very far away.  I think this guest book thing can be a beginning for a blog that I want to start soon. Are you in? Thanks, see U later. Jack.  


OK, open a bottle of Cava, (Spanish Champagne, but better) lol, 

today my blog started with a small bang, popping of a cork.

Now it is up to you to jot your thoughts on screen and surprise me or others.

You can write in Four Languages. But, English is best.






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