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How I Cope On My Own
0 | 59 views | 22.06.2017, 12:35

I was married for 40 years, up until the age of 63 when my husband passed away. He was 10 years older than me. Since then I have surrounded myself with my friends, brothers and sisters and haven't really had any romantic endevours or even thought about another man until recently. I think more than anything I am looking for companionship, somebody to grow older with and to feel comfortable with. Living on my own has become more of a struggle, so here are the things I do to make my life a little bit easier:

Reach out to people:

Having a good support network is one of the most important things about getting older, I have my friends, brother and my children to reach out to whenever I'm feeling alone. Recently, living alone has become less about feeling lonely and more about needing somebody to help to look after me, my memory isn't as sharp as it used to be, so everyday activities can be a little bit muddled. Like anybody, I have good and bad days and continue to plod along no matter what. My daughter introduced me to assisted living, and from there I can go about my daily business, reassured that there will be a helping hand whenever I need it. I make sure that I have time for all of my friends, and we host tea mornings and go on day trips out. 

Do what makes me happy:

I've always had the motto of grabbing life with both hands, because we only get one shot and we never know what is around the corner. The older I get, the more adventurous I become, so I love going on exotic holidays, travelling about and making sure that I am having the best time, making memories, taking lots of pictures so the memories stick forever, and laughing a lot.



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