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Bullying in Chat
2 | 203 views | 29.12.2017, 15:59

You cant change a bully. You can only make adjustments in your own behavior. You can continue making them until they get bored, or they die. Many of those bullies have either a superiority or inferiority complex which affects there better judgement. Either they have never been challenged directly or have managed to evade being confronted. They keep their guard up constantly and they dont back down easily. Some bullies get so frustrated when you are consistent with neither acknowledging them, nor showing fear they will go through extraordinarily lengths just to mess with you.A bully will never care nor will they show anything resembling humility. Those who are truly human and possess compassion will often react to them and seek revenge. Frankly, I dont believe you can change bullies, and they are not easy to spot. Sometimes someone might be harsh with you and you confuse them as being a bully because your emotions have not completely healed from someone who has projected a true and evil intent. Bullies are normally known as trolls and if we in chat do come across these kind of people who are immature and cannot respect another human being I think all chatters need to stand up to those kind of folk and start up a new.


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